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The characteristics of the precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-08

precision parts processing has many advantages, we also share with you after precision parts processing specific advantage in where, the most obvious is to achieve common processing to reach high precision, high accuracy also depends on the precision of processing equipment and precise control system, and USES the precision mask as a mediator, to implement the external surface of material remove or add the quantity to make a very fine control, so what are the specific characteristics of high precision spare parts? By us to give you details below:

a, precision parts machining

there are mainly precision mirror grinding and turning and grinding, etc. On the precision lathe with by fine grinding of single crystal diamond tool for micro cutting, cutting thickness is only about 1 micron, often used for processing non-ferrous metal material on the surface of the spherical and aspherical peaceful mirror parts such as high precision, high bright and clean appearance. For example, the processing and fusion device with a diameter of 800 mm aspherical mirrors, the highest accuracy can reach 0. 1 micron, surface roughness for Rz0. 5 microns.

2, precision parts processing

with nanometer precision parts processing precision, even in the atomic units ( Atomic lattice distance of 0. 1 to 0. 2 nm) As the goal, the ultra precision parts machining method can not meet, need to use special precision parts processing methods, the application of chemical energy, electrochemistry energy, heat or electricity, etc. , can make these energy beyond the joint between the atoms, so as to remove the workpiece appearance of adhesion between atoms, joint or lattice deformation, in order to achieve the purpose of the ultra precision machining. Belong to this kind of machining with mechanical chemical polishing, ion sputtering and ion implantation, exposure to radiation, laser processing, electron beam evaporation metal and molecular beam epitaxy, etc.

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