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The characteristics of the precision machining technology

by:Xavier      2020-05-14
The characteristics of the precision machining technology in the development of modern society, the general improvement in the quality of people's social life, behind it is the result of the trend of the development of science and technology. Seen from the development of mechanical manufacturing industry, the development of the manufacturing of machinery manufacturing technology level higher. Only advanced the development of precision machining technology and machinery manufacturing technology to meet the need of advanced technology development. In the precision machining of globalization degree is higher and higher, the integration of the economic development of the country between the technological competition is fierce, in order to occupy a place in the global environment, needs of modern machinery manufacturing index and precision machining technology is an ascending innovation, improve the level of machinery manufacture, pay attention to scientific and technical personnel development so as to establish position on the world stage. Correlation degree is high, precision machining technology refers to the correlation of the reaction in the processing of each link, from the workpiece drawings design plan to the application of processing the finished product is accompanied by the application of advanced product processing technology, the optimization of each link in pursuit of a better benefit. Secondly, precision machining technology and other disciplines, the connection between the in precision machining process is applied to nc machining, electrochemical machining and so on, in the actual application of combined technology connection between disciplines, professional can achieve better precision machining. Only efforts to improve precision machining technology, and optimize the new processing technology, in this way can the development of more effective. The development of the enterprise should pay attention to the development of machining process upgrading and technological innovation, and long-term training is crucial, so as to improve the professional level of enterprises and create more quality products.
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