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The characteristics of precision CNC machining parts _ precision CNC processing plants

by:Xavier      2020-04-09
High precision parts must be in actually using the higher precision, the more beautiful the more can reflect the processing level and quality, and the product category are more affected by the customer favorite, generally can't analogy in processing in nc machining has advantages and characteristics of its product quality are generally higher, so what are the characteristics of nc machine tool precision parts processing? 1, the first CNC machine productivity higher precision parts processing, numerical control machine tool parts processing can also processing for surface, compared to ordinary lathe processing saves many technological process, save time, the parts and nc machining quality and relativity is much smooth engine lathe. 2, CNC precision parts processing in innovative product development level has not replace efficacy, generally according to the numerical control processing technology will be different complexity of parts processing solution, design and retrofit and upgrade must be changed only CNC lathe program flow, this can greatly reduce product development cycle time. CNC turning parts 3, numerical control machine tool automation technology is enough precision parts processing, greatly reduce the energy efficiency of the worker, the worker during the whole process of processing need not like ordinary lathe all manipulation, the key is to numerical control lathe to carry out the check and supervision. But relatively of nc machining technology content is higher than ordinary lathe, and relativity of ordinary lathe regulation higher mental Labour. 4, the early stage of the project investment of relativity engine lathe, because the price of the CNC milling machine is very high, and the maintenance cost and long processing first phase.
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