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The characteristics and application of numerical control lathe

by:Xavier      2020-07-05

the characteristics of numerical control lathe:

1, the processing precision is high. Nc machine tool by the control system are given instructions for processing, so to be able to achieve very accurate machining accuracy.

2, a high degree of automation, low labor intensity. Nc machine tools is according to the prior good programming automatically, don't need too much artificial complex manual operation, greatly reduce the labor intensity.

3, high production efficiency. Nc machine tool of every working procedure can choose the best cutting amount, the structure rigidity, allow for large cutting, cutting the amount of strength to improve cutting efficiency, can save time to improve the production efficiency greatly.

4, better economic benefit. CNC machine tool while the price is quite expensive, but the precision is high, less wastage, so its high economic benefits.

the application of nc machine tool

1, suitable for more complex parts processing

2, is suitable for many varieties, small batch parts processing

3, apply to value does not allow expensive scrap parts processing

4, suitable for high accuracy requirement of batch processing

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