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The cause of the CNC machining parts deformation _ experienced CNC machining manufacturer to tell you is what reason is caused

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
In the whole process of CNC machining, machined part deformation of the situation is very common. Less than can carry out secondary processing precision, but they were too heavy chains made mechanical parts deformation, deformation processing is a relatively hard to solve the problem, the best yes processing method is to avoid deformation and CNC machined part appeared on the root cause. Below people discuss how CNC machined part deformation of the whole. 1, workpiece materials, and the harm of tectonic deformation of the workpiece deformation size and complexity, long is proportional to the total width and thickness, proportional to the rigidity and reliability of the material. Generally at the time that the parts design scheme to reduce the workpiece deformation of the elements. Especially on some large parts structure must ensure that the reasonable configuration. In mechanical processing manufacturing process must be strength of hair embryo, loose the disadvantage of manipulation, ensure that MAO embryo quality, reduce the workpiece deformation. 2, loading lead to deformation of the workpiece clamp at the time that the workpiece clamp is installed, must choose appropriate clamping point, choose appropriate clamping force in the region. Thus clamping point must be consistent with protection, make the clamping force effect on the strong point, clamping point will try to come near the processing surface, and choose the compression is not easy to cause the clamping deformation parts. When workpieces take multiple azimuth clamping force effect at the time, must be the order of the clamping force, to make the workpiece and touch effect clamping force should be strong point, is not easy, for balanced key clamping force of the cutting speed, should be in the final effect. Second, in order to enlarge the total area of the touch of artifacts and jig and radial clamping force. An increase of the stiffness of the parts, for clamping deformation is very reasonable. But because of the appearance of thick wall parts and structure features, causes it to be low stiffness. In the clip installed under the effect of applying, will cause deformation. 3, when processing leads to the distortion of the workpiece in the whole process of drilling, because suffer the effect of cutting speed, workpiece can cause toward the pressure bearing ductile deformation, that is to say make knife conditions. On similar deformation, to take effective countermeasures on nc blades, deep processing of the nc sharp blade, when that on the one hand can reduce friction resistance produced by the nc friction between the blade and workpiece, on the other hand, is enhance nc drilling blade artifacts, working ability of the heat pipe cooling, thus reduce the residual internal stress on the workpiece. Processing in nc blades and workpiece caused by friction heat also can make the workpiece deformation, tend to choose high speed drilling processing. In this type of processing, because in the short term to remove cutting, cutting heat is taken to the vast majority of drilling, to reasonably reduce the deformation. In order to ensure the accuracy of parts, in the process of production, must choose effective tool and durable. Prescribed by the machining accuracy, high thick wall parts, generally USES symmetry processing, the balance of relativity of double-sided caused by ground stress, achieve a smooth, processed workpiece leveling. This article is related to CNC machined part deformation because of the summary, is all some of the more important point, to ensure the quality of the CNC machined part, we must value the point, so in order to develop CNC processing parts processing.
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