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The casting technology of the machine tool castings

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

a few articles on the us to introduce the basic concepts of machine tool castings, so today to introduce to you with our machine casting mold casting process:

lost foam casting process, first of all, cancelled the sand core and core making process, eliminated due to core, the core of the casting defects, greatly reduce the production of the waste; Epc technology simplifies the sand processing system, the sand can be repeated use, cancelled &industry sand preparation and waste sand treating section, but also in the ideal position setting reasonable shape casting riser, and is not affected by factors such as traditional factors such as classification and modulus, reduced the internal defects of castings.

lost foam casting process in addition to complete housing, housing castings, can also be applied to other places. Caused by epc process samples pyrolysis products will increase carbon residue, defects, such as in casting low carbon steel castings and require high density of car security ductile iron parts, scrap rate is relatively high, choose should be especially careful. Structure of castings in the shape of a particularly strong adaptability, and the more complex structure, the original need to use the more sand core when using a sand mold casting, machine processing capacity of the casting, the advantages of using epc technology becomes more prominent, the economic benefits are more significant.

lost foam casting process of the key thing to reduce the smoke, dust and noise pollution, improved the work of the foundry industry labor environment, also reduces the casting of the workers' labor intensity. At the same time, also simplifies the operation process. Much less technical requirements of operating workers.

casting is the base of the equipment manufacturing industry, the stand or fall of casting process decision casting performance and quality, directly affects the running level and reliability of the equipment. Although China is worthy of the name of the casting powers, but casting product quality with obvious gap between the international advanced level. Most phased gap between product quality index of imitation innovation more of less. Epc process of large casting industry experience in terms of technology introduction, digestion, absorption and create new development process, the technological process of each link has accumulated rich technology and professional production experience.

casting industry outstanding enterprises in some aspects with unique proprietary technology, and formed its own core competitiveness. Large-scale machine tool castings enterprises need to accept the challenge of the new material, new craft constantly.

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