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The boss, your machining enterprise whether these problems

by:Xavier      2020-05-07
Boss, your machining enterprise whether there is the question preface: metalworking industry as an ancient industry, the author thinks that, to do fine, preciser, stronger naturally. At present, is in the Internet industry development, machining industry development is backward, is back. As required for the real economy, development of cyclical longer, want to do fine and stronger natural need time to precipitation, and the enterprise product in the traditional products, the proportion of independent research and development of high-tech products is low. By this, and can increase some machining industry are faced with the problem at present. First of all, the traditional product as the main body of the enterprise, occupies the machining industry around eight out of the total. We think about it, although there are quite a number of enterprises processing capacity is on the increase year by year, the company continues to expand, but the products is more precision parts of roughing and semi-finishing, few said to make a complete set of equipment. To a certain extent, presenting a single product, the enterprise technology are the same, the same equipment, intensified market competition. Second, many enterprises set up at first time, did you do any business planning, embodied in the building, at the beginning of the workshop area is lesser, or device type is not complete. With the development of the market at the same time, this kind of enterprise due to lack of construction field, new factors such as large equipment is placed, lead to enterprise can't expand further, some orders can only be outgoing, restricting their own development. By above can see another problem, because the product of a single, equipment is advanced, will cause the enterprise development is slow, lack of high-tech talents. So enterprises in independent research and development of this block, half-heartedly. For domestic machining industry, the independent research and development ability is endemic. Enterprise want to by a mechanical processing plant into a machinery manufacturing factory, need to have the ability to develop is and the technical innovation ability, continuously produce high value-added products.
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