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The basic requirements in the jig in precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
Jigs and fixtures on the basic requirements of the precision machining fixture development at the beginning of time is a chance to used in precision machining, with the development of precision machining, the role of the jig is more and more obvious, the greater the effect, that we should focus on: jig in precision machining of what are the basic requirements? In common jig according to the functional mainly divided into the following kinds: die; Drilling, milling surface equipment; Numerical control, instrument clamp; Try gas and water equipment; Trimming, punching tooling; Welding jig; Polishing fixture; Assembly tooling; Pad printing, laser engraving equipment. To ensure the machining accuracy. Ensure the machining accuracy of the key, the first is correctly selected locating datum, positioning methods and positioning components, still need to analyze position error when necessary, also note the fixture in other parts of structure influence on machining accuracy, ensure the fixture can meet the requirements of machining precision of workpiece. Increase the productivity of the precision machinery processing factory. The complexity of the special fixture should be in line with capacity situation, should be used in a variety of fast and efficient fixtures as far as possible, to ensure convenient operation, shorten the auxiliary time, improve production efficiency. Jig in setting in the application of precision machining process performance is good. Dedicated fixture should strive to simple, reasonable structure, convenient in manufacture, assembly, adjustment, inspection, maintenance, etc. Application performance is good. Jig need to have enough strength and stiffness, should be simple and convenient operation, energy saving, safe and reliable. The objective conditions permit, under the premise of economy applicable, should be used as pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical clamping device, in order to reduce the labor intensity of operators. Should also be chip removal jig is convenient. When it is necessary to set up the structure of chip removal, prevent damage of chip damage positioning of workpiece and cutting tool, the accumulation of the chip deformation process system caused a lot of heat. Special fixture should as far as possible using standard components and structure, simple structure, easy fabrication, to reduce the manufacturing cost of the fixture. Therefore, in the tooling/fixture design and processing according to customer orders and production capacity of the necessary technical and economic analysis of fixture scheme, in order to improve the jig in the precision machining bring enterprises a better processing quality to ensure the good precision. The above information is derived from the focus on precision machinery parts processing, fixture fixture processing Xavier company http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/
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