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The attribute of machining cutting tool is easy to be confused - — durability

by:Xavier      2020-05-26
The attribute of machining cutting tool is easy to be confused - — Durability machining manufacturer for turning tool works often use one of the tools, metal cutting tool in cutting process, will gradually wear, from the first use to the rules of wear degree is defined as the durability of cutting tools. People often confused of the cutting tool life and durability, the two are not the same meaning, is to explain in detail: first of all, explain the word 'durability' tool, within the scope of the provisions of wear, the cutting tool in cutting, the wear is slower, the durability is higher; And range of the rules of wear, cutting tool and sharp wear and durability obviously decrease at this time, will cause the workpiece surface wear and reduce precision parts surface quality. Tool wear process, we can be seen as a tool of passivation process, in this process, the tool can be secondary grinding, and recalculate the wear range machining cutting work. Tool after grinding, and the workpiece contact friction is less, can effectively guarantee the cutting heat doesn't make the thermal deformation of workpiece, and when the tool life gradually reduce, when the blade passivation, cutting friction increase, will cause the cutting heat and cutting force increases, can let the workpiece in the unstable environment construction. Therefore, we need to avoid a sharp tool wear in the process of machining. So confused with tool life of the tool life? Actually the knives' service life is cutting tool wear degree and the product of the number of grinding, that is to say, the cutting tool from the first use, until can't use this whole period of cutting work time again, is called the knives' service life. In actual production process, improve the endurance of a tool, prolong the service life and can be used by improving the material properties of the workpiece and the suitable way of cutting fluid and so on, which can be used to save the processing costs to improve production efficiency. This article from the focus on tooling and clamping fixture precision machinery parts processing Xavier company
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