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The application of the new type mechanical technology and the development strategy

by:Xavier      2020-05-31
The application of the new type of mechanical technology and the development strategy due to the influence of various factors for a long time, compared with western developed capitalist countries, machinery processing industry in China for a long time in the application of traditional, conventional, old machinery and equipment, the level and quality to be improved. Module test fixture, therefore, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of our social economy, machinery industry become more and more need high-tech mechanical technology, to meet the needs of the reality. In this case, it is necessary to renew the idea, actively cultivate relevant professional talents, improve policy support for the new type of mechanical manufacturing, prompting new machinery for good development. 1. Raise the level of mechanism and inspection in mechanical production process, the selected parts with high temperature in the test fixture detection level height will directly affect the entire machinery processing accuracy of the chair, also affect the production efficiency. To improve the level of the development of mechanical industry, the most basic, is also the most fundamental way is to improve the level of its JiJingHe detection, so as to ensure the effect of the mechanical technology and quality, and the walls. 2. Cultivate talents in our country if able to cultivate a large number of relevant, engineering machinery, such as the high comprehensive qualities of the multidisciplinary knowledge, to a certain degree of collectors and mechanical processing industries will be plenty of talent support, and promote and promote the new machine reduced La, promote new machine minus actual application value in the production and processing module, test fixture to lay a solid foundation for its future development. 3. National support policy at this stage, China's machinery and mechanical equipment of the industry are applied most of the traditional mechanical equipment, in the face of the current our country mechanical and performance to industry; our country must pay much attention to small, convenient, be able to gauge the first machine program control and hong yu operator less mechanical equipment manufacturing. Realize unmanned: through this new type of machinery factory, effectively reduce the risk of Ding Ye production, in the guarantee period and improve quality. Therefore, I must support certain institutionally Qun, in ensuring that the enterprise and research as well as the market main body structure, high temperature test fixture for its future development approach to guide and regulate.
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