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The application of sensor technology in precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-07-14
With the development of The Times, more and more intelligent, this is no longer what big topic, we also introduce before in traditional processing such as precision machining industry, modern high-tech application is also very much, today we are going to introduce the very popular sensor technology, can say that nowadays more and more industries have begun to use to the sensor technology, actually also has a lot in our life, just we don't care, automatic induction door is a very common example. Sensing detection in mechanical processing cutting process is aimed at optimizing the productivity of cutting process, manufacturing costs, or ( Metal) Material removal rate, etc. Sensors to detect target cutting process with the cutting force of cutting process and its change, the process of cutting chatter vibration, cutting tool and the workpiece contact and when the state of the chip and cutting process identification, etc. , and the most important sensor parameters have a cutting process of cutting force, cutting vibration, acoustic emission, cutting process of the motor power, etc. To run the machine, the main target is detected by a sensor are driving system, bearing and rotating system, temperature monitoring and control and safety, etc. , the sensor parameters have downtime of the machine tool, work piece's surface roughness and machining accuracy, power, cooling and lubrication state of machine tool and the flow of fluid, etc. Artifacts in the process of the sensor technology, compared with the process of cutting tool and machine tool monitoring technology, to monitor the process of the workpiece is the oldest, most research and application. They are most aiming at processing quality control. Since the 1980 s, the workpiece identification and monitoring of the workpiece installation position also mentioned the agenda. Roughly speaking, processing operations performed by process identification is to identify whether workers ( Zero) A processing requirements of the process; Workpiece recognition is to recognize into machine tool for processing the workpiece or whether the workpieces or blank blank, at the same time also requires identifying the workpiece installation position is process planning requirements of the position. In addition, still can make use of work-piece recognition and installing monitoring sensors to blank or workpieces machining allowance and surface defects. Do the identification and monitoring will use or develop many sensors, such as machine vision based on TV or CCD sensors, laser surface roughness sensor system, etc. Machine tool detection sensor. Cutting and grinding process is an important material removal process. Cutting tools and grinding wheel wear to a certain extent ( According to standard of dulling determine) Or break, Broken, collapse edge, burns, plastic deformation or the floorboard of the knife) Cut, causing them to lose ( Grinding ability or unable to guarantee the machining precision and surface integrity, referred to as the tools/wheel failure. Industrial statistics show that the cutting tool failure is the primary factor of machine downtime, caused by the downtime one 5 of the total downtime type NC machine tools to a third. Finally sensor technology for precision machining personally, I think the most important thing is to reduce the accident rate, we should be clear, machine tool in processing may also trigger device or personal safety accident, even the serious accident. And now in the high-end machine tool supporting the tool detection sensor can effectively prevent the occurrence of such events. Actually many clients much talking pretend sensor also want a lot of money, in fact, if smart will account owner can certainly find, actually had this technology can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce waste, reduce costs, especially the security is very high. The paper by sorting and release: / shownews. asp吗? id = 116
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