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The application of precision machining in electronic products

by:Xavier      2020-05-14
Precision machining used in electronic products, electronic products is based on electric energy for work related products, including smart phones, electronic watches, computers, video recorders, etc. , these products are almost everyone more or less in their daily lives are used to, and cell phones and computers, is almost a necessary manpower. But you know, these inseparable with you products, mainly rely on structure parts precision machining. First of all, we are very clear, when we buy a heart for the iPhone, or MAC program ape to move for a long time, for its assembly some clothing ( Protect shell or case) Because if bare-metal fell to the ground knock against, it is easy to cause equipment shell bruised, thus affect beautiful. Which we carefully to protect the equipment enclosure, from precision machining, the iPhone since 6th generation and use of the so-called aviation grade aluminium magnesium alloy shell, and at present the mainstream brands of mobile phones on the market are mostly used aluminium magnesium alloy, advantage is light, good heat dissipation, high strength. But due to the complexity of its processing, need very high accuracy is achieved through precision machining, to a certain extent with mobile phone seamless combination of waterproof and dustproof, so prices high. Of course, is not only a mobile phone shell using this technique, including the inside of the mobile phone many metal structure is applied to the technology. In order to ensure that machines and parts of compatible and stable performance in the process of equipment operation, all need parts with high precision, no standard parts, so this type of production falls in the domestic each big generation plant. From the above it is not difficult to understand, such as laptop internal parts, nut, shell, electronic watch machine core, the clock and watch button of the corresponding use of precision machining technology. The use of this technology is very wide, but we are in a dilettante no mostly pay attention to and understand. We can imagine, if this technology in the process of study again there is a quality, our life will become so magical.
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