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The advantages of CNC machining

by:Xavier      2020-06-30

CNC machining the so-called nc machining, we must first know the principle of CNC machining, it is through the computer control program command for precise processing, this program includes the entire process and the process parameters and displacement data to realize automation.

so what advantages do you have in CNC machining, to introduce the CNC processing the following advantages:

first, by CNC machining complex surface, also do not need complicated equipment, because can be controlled by the program, even some unable to observation of machining parts, also can pass the program change shape and size of the parts, is very applicable for new product research and development and modification.

second, through the CNC program, automation control system can realize precise processing, precision and stability is very high;

third, its production efficiency also is unmatched by ordinary processing equipment, in the case of variety, batch and can achieve high efficiency;

CNC weakness is the numerical control machine tool equipment is expensive, and for numerical control operation and maintenance personnel's quality requirements are very high.

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