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The advantage of vertical CNC lathe processing _ CNC lathe processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-09
In a lot of use, looks like old technical is the best way to manufacture parts. Traditional design of VTL ( Vertical lathe) One example is the technical. Although its basic way is already there for a long time, but the VTL does not terminate the development trend. The latest version of the CNC lathe is a combination of many of the manufacturing technology level turning core innovation. Appropriate production ability of various casting foundry, and even is the foundry project outsourcing production and processing, can benefit from the vertical cutting technical. From the essence, core equipped with use traditional CNC lathes and vertical turning should be fixed to the end. This kind of design scheme for the number of key manufacturing and cost advantages, very suitable laser cutting all kinds of casting parts: disc brake system, pump body, the airport parts, super-heavy machine equipment parts, parts field, etc. Vertical lathe vertical lathe is the advantages of large and medium-sized stamping die type numerical control lathe, also known as pillar type boring and milling machine ( VBM) 。 The numerical control lathe numerical control lathe is not output, but they are small and medium-sized and large and medium-sized component idealized pick of the extra-heavy duty and power of the cutting. VTL device of a key advantage is the ability to easily set of large and medium-sized steel pieces of overweight and fixed in a timely manner to carry out production and processing. The advantages of application of VTL all shops depends on the reaction is the key to maintaining this component elements. Must have at least hard holding only commonly. Application of vertical lathe spindle bearing independent loading and unloading fall more and more be accepted by everyone, because multitasking ability to work to make it become the efficient nc machine tool clamping parts manufacturing. Vertical lathe for foundry to produce mechanical processing workshops, and plus the production processing cutting more heavier casting parts. For indexable tool CNC punch head will traditional VTL with VBM difference among CNC punch head or blunt needle, VTL equipment design rotating platform to support steel and application bearing X product chain structure. Rammer across the X axis slide cutting and transportation. At the productivity level, the vertical turning core can reduce the cycle, generally due to the workshop are able to carry out cutting more actively. All in all, the basic principles of processing: first rough machining, the extra material artifacts are removed, and then finish machining; The occurrence of processing should be avoided in vibration; Avoid artifacts when processing the thermal denaturation, caused by the vibration occurs for many reasons, may be too much load; May be the machine tool and workpiece resonance, or may be insufficient rigidity of machine and also could be the result of a cutting tool after passivation, we can use the following method to reduce vibration; Reduce transverse feeding and processing depth, check whether the workpiece clamping, improve the speed of the tool which reduce speed can reduce resonance, in addition, check whether there is a need to change the new tool.
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