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The advantage of precision metal processing in where?

by:Xavier      2020-07-07

understand the precision machining of friends all know that metal processing occupies half precision parts, as well as the most common daily one of precision machining, precision metal processing what advantage? Here by we introduce one by one to you:

1, precision hardware axis CNC machining precision is high, has the stable machining quality.

2, for multi-axis linkage, to processing complicated shape parts;

3, precision CNC machining parts change, generally only need to change the CNC program, can save production preparation time;

4, machine itself of high precision, large rigidity, can choose favorable processing amount, high productivity, Generally 3 to 5 times of ordinary machine tool) ;

5, machine tool automation degree is high, can reduce labor intensity;

CNC precision machining using short cutting tool is the main characteristic of precision metal parts. Short tool can obviously reduce cutter deviation, so as to obtain good surface quality, avoid rework, reducing the volume of the electrode, shortened the time of EDM processing. Must be taken into account when considering the five axis machining by using five axis machining mould's goal is: as far as possible in the shortest machining of cutting tool to complete the whole, also reduce programming, clamping and processing time can be more perfect surface quality.

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