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The advantage of numerical control technology

by:Xavier      2020-07-04

CNC technology is closely integrated with numerical control machine tool is a kind of automation technology, through the digital control system to realize the automatic control. Nc machine tool is mainly used for machining complex and close the small batch production of parts processing. Numerical control technology is according to the need of processed spares drawings and process program compiled into code by nc system to control the relative motion of the cutting tool and the workpiece, so as to realize parts processing.

so we know the nc machine tool by numerical control device as the core by nc system to achieve, so what's the advantage of numerical control technology? By below to introduce the processing advantages of nc technology:

1, its applicability is wide and has high flexibility, can process different types of different batches of parts;

2, realize parts processing can achieve high efficiency through automation of parts processing;

3, high precision, numerical control technology is based on programmed prior to processing, can guarantee machining accuracy;

4, good stability and stiffness of the nc machine tool itself is very good, and has high precision, so can guarantee the long-term stability of the processing.

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