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The advantage of high speed cutting precision metal processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-01
The advantages of high-speed cutting precision metal processing high speed machining technology is a kind of not to increase the number of devices, but can significantly improve the efficiency of precision metal processing technology. The high speed cutting is what? For different cutting and cutting tool material, the meaning of high speed cutting is not entirely the same. Can be illustrated from the following points: high cutting speed, is 5 - ordinary cutting 10 times; Machine tool spindle speed is very high, in the 10000 - More than 20000 r/min; Feed rate is very high, can reach 50 - 90m/min; Precision metal processing cutting process, the blade passing frequency close to the system when the dominant natural frequency, can be considered to be high speed cutting. The advantages of high speed machining, can effectively shorten the processing time, improve production efficiency; Decrease of cutting force backward force decreases, and is advantageous to the precision of machining, slender rigidity difference components. Lots of cutting heat taken away by chip, can make precision parts keep cold, especially suitable for easy deformation precision metal processing; Work is smooth, with very high precision, surface roughness requirements is very suitable precision parts, can significantly improve the precision metal processing precision and surface quality. High speed cutting processing chip research: traditional machining is the use of cutting surface and chip removal, chip liquid can not only reduce the temperature, and in precision metal processing, can also for chip breaking and chip removal have very good effect, have the effect of protection tool. The disadvantage is that can increase the pollution of the environment, improve the production cost, reduce the tool life. High speed machining, as most of the heat is carried away, because you can not cutting fluid, we call it the high-speed dry cutting, the cutting tool to higher temperature, specific humidity cutting tool and the chip, cutting tool and workpiece contact surface friction coefficient should be as small as possible, but also to tool is advantageous to the chip breaker, chip heat dissipation, this needs from the cutting tool material, cutting tool and cutting tool coating structure optimization and so on several aspects to solve. High-speed dry cutting fundamentally solved the cutting fluid brings disadvantages, is not only beneficial to workers health environmental protection, reduce manufacturing cost, guarantee precision metal processing precision. High speed cutting processing chip removal method: 1. Machine adopts vertical spindle tilting bed as much as possible, around the table should be tilted plate; 2. With the help of gravity chip; 3. Chip removal using siphon phenomenon.
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