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The 3 axis CNC processing, what is the difference between 4 axis and 5 axis?

by:Xavier      2020-04-02
CNC machining, 3 axis, 4 axis and 5 axis what's the difference? What are their advantages? What products are respectively suitable for processing? Three axis CNC machining: generally refers to the axis of linear motion of three different directions, such as, front and back, up and down, left and right sides. Once every three axis processing only one surface, suitable for processing some plate parts. Four axis CNC machining: on three axis, and an axis of rotation, generally is 360 ° rotating horizontal plane. But can not be rotating at a high speed. Suitable for processing some body parts. Five-axis CNC machining: one more on four axis of rotation, usually upright surface 360 ° rotation, five axis is can provide a comprehensive processing of the clamping, can reduce the cost of the clamping, reduce product scratches, bruised pore and is suitable for processing some transfer plane, high machining accuracy requirements of parts, especially the shape parts machining accuracy requirements is stricter. Although five axis relative to four axis, three axis advantage is very outstanding, however, not all products are fit for five axis machining, suit of three axis does not necessarily fit for five axis machining, if originally the product of three axis can work with five-axis machining, will not only increase the cost, the effect is not necessarily good. Only reasonable arrangement, the suitable machine for product, so as to show the value of the machine itself.
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