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Teach you how to improve the quality of precision machining parts

by:Xavier      2020-05-22
Teach you how to improve the quality of precision machining parts method how to improve the quality, precision machining parts is actually a cliche topic. Gossip is not much said, get directly into the business. Accurate assessment of each machining parts before the production risk, is the key to improve the quality. To observe the internal ability compared with material type, and its partial application and tolerance requirements requires a lot of experience and reasonable process to produce the best effect. For each parts and equipment and to develop a script, to ensure that every operator knows the details of analysis, not only to set and accordingly, to comply with the strict quality inspection standard production. First of all, it is important to look at your equipment and operating personnel, processing drawings with the appropriate equipment and skilled operators to match. In addition, check the finished product is applied to examine the use of material types are equally important. Finally, features the most strict tolerance of parts to get up to speed will help to give priority to quality inspection. Analysis experience helps determine the functional operators are most likely to get in trouble. According to the standard, define which functions need to be checked, and then determine the number and component testing frequency. Parts after molding, the scheduled to check the number of finished products. Batch size determines the number, should check 100%. But Xavier every time we make products, will be 100% full inspection, use a variety of inspection equipment, such as micrometer, height gauge, hardness tester, etc. , to test the finished components of each component, to make sure it is not only conforms to the tolerance standard, and conform to the surface quality and hardness. The above is the way how to improve the quality of precision machining parts. There is a quality problem of your supplier? Please contact us and see Xavier how to solve your quality problems.
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