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Talk about parts processing used materials

by:Xavier      2020-07-02
In general, to produce a good precision parts, need to pay attention to some, the first step is to select the precision parts processing needed materials. The second is the equipment of processing is used. The third is the processing of parts detection, inspection. The degree of each item is very important, today we talk about the first point, first used in precision machining material selection problem. , of course, because I just know something about our company, so how is this aspect is mainly to introduce our company. In general, precision machining, precision parts processing, after customers find the company to do a series of negotiations, the main structure around the precision parts in the drawings, material, price, time limit for a project, etc. , so customers in all of these problems identified needs in production and processing in the company, we will ask the customer, about the precision parts processing used materials is you provide, or we'll buy for you. If customer provide their own, he is also commonly will specify which manufacturer we go there to buy materials, materials customers can pay to there factory, the material quality problem, basic is a customer responsibility. But in general most will still listen to the opinions of the processing company, and for processing company to purchase this part material, of course, in this case, in addition to handling fees, cost of raw materials is needed. Company engaged in precision machining time is not long, so now the main is to want to open the market, in order to establish oneself again inside the industry reputation, the company purchased material is absolutely on the finished product. Oneself and some materials company, such as stainless steel bar, in its early days, is to do processing business of stainless steel bar, and still do. Remember before a customer ordered a batch of delivery valve company, at that time, also be the first time cooperate with this customer, the customer to get the first shipment, had cut to look at the material, said he was very happy, really is a good material. So that in future customers order the company's products can be at ease the problem of material. Our company passed the ISO9002 international quality system certification, this aspect is guaranteed. Address: / Shownews. asp吗? ID = 92
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