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Stainless steel precision parts processing hard? We can help you out the countermeasures.

by:Xavier      2020-07-15

with precision machining friends should know processing stainless steel precision parts relative to other material parts will have more problems, so today we are to troubleshoot for you:

stainless steel precision parts processing, little imagine, hard machining is the cause of cutting tool choice, is to look at the below material for the selection of cutting tools, processing difficulties and solutions:

a, on the automatic lathe cutting stainless steel, the use of the general cemented carbide cutting tool materials are: YG6 and YG8, YT15 and YT30, YW1, YW2 materials; Common high speed steel knife with: W18Cr4V, W6M05Cr4V2AL etc.

2, cutting tool geometry Angle and the selection of structure is especially important:

anterior horn: general cutting stainless steel tool rake Angle take 10 & deg; ~ 20度; More appropriate.

after the Angle: generally take 5 & deg; ~ 8度; More appropriate, but 10 largest & deg; 。

blade Angle: choose lambda is commonly - 10° ~ 30度; 。

blade surface roughness should be no greater than Ra0. 4~Ra0. 2.

3, stainless steel parts processing difficulty has the following several kinds of common:

1, processing hardness in tool wear faster, and it is difficult to chip removal.

2, low thermal conductivity, cause the plastic deformation of cutting machine blade and tool wear faster.

3, the devolop tumor cause dead small cuttings on cutting machine blade, and lead to bad machining surface.

4, chemical relationship between cutter and processed materials caused by work hardening and processed materials of low thermal conductivity, not only easy to cause unusual wear, and the collapse of the cutter blade and abnormal alert.

4, to processing difficulties solution is as follows:

1, the use of cutting tools with high heat conductivity.

2, sharp cutting edge line: chip breaker groove with wide blade, can reduce the cutting pressure, so it can well control chip removal.

3, the best cutting conditions: improper processing conditions can reduce the service life of cutting tools.

4, select the appropriate cutting tools: stainless steel with a cutting tool should have excellent toughness, strength of cutting edge and the adhesion strength of the coating film is high.

the above difficulties and countermeasures about the stainless steel parts processing will share for you here, hope to help readers friends.

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