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Stainless steel precision machinery spare parts process improvement measures

by:Xavier      2020-05-29
Stainless steel precision machinery spare parts process improvement measures in the precision machinery processing enterprises, the stainless steel parts processing relatively very much, in fact is a kind of difficult to machining materials, stainless steel need to master its features, to make high precision machining parts. Otherwise, in the process of cutting precision machinery spare parts, not only can not get the ideal processing quality, but also damage the cutting tool. Comprehensive Xavier15 years of experience in precision machinery parts processing, can adopt the following measures, to improve the quality of stainless steel processing. When making stainless steel precision metal processing processing, because material is toughening soft, chip in the process of formation and curly, easy and knives in the front of the strong friction, and makes the tool front gradually formed a crescent, crescent nest is the center of chip of center of pressure ahead of the cutting tool. Can advance on the front of the cutting tool grinding arc roll groove, in order to slow the abrasion of the blade, increase the strength of the blade, in order to reach the goal of easier cutting chip breaker. First is to choose the cutting tool geometry, makes it easy to cutting process, so as to reduce the cutting force and chip formation and discharge the procedure. In general, the use of larger rake Angle, in order to reduce the cutting force and cutting heat, reduce the cutting vibration, precision machinery spare parts hardening effect will be weakened, the anterior horn can choose 12 - commonly 30 degrees, at the same time, the positive side Angle, to strengthen the intensity of the tip, on the main cutting edge grinding out negative chamfer, to strengthen the blade. Angle after the influence of the cutting process of stainless steel precision parts processing, generally less Angle influence is big, but because the stainless steel in the process of metal cutting deformation is large, if the tool after the Angle is too small, easy to serious friction and surface precision machinery parts, make processing surface roughness increases, work hardening, tool degree aggravate, at the same time, worsen after machining conditions. When the turning Angle is less than 6 degrees after cutting stainless steel, precision metal processing surface roughcast phenomenon will appear. Especially when feeding and turning volume is small, this kind of phenomenon is more serious, therefore, generally should be slightly bigger than ordinary carbon steel after choose when cutting Angle, also cannot too big, otherwise it will reduce the extent of the cutting edge. Followed by the selection of appropriate cutting tool material: because of the characteristic of the stainless steel material itself has, precision machinery parts machining, request tool cutting part of the material has high wear resistance, red hardness, precision machinery processing enterprises need to pay attention to choose its toughness is often more important than durable grinding. The third is the choice of cutting dosage: compared with the ordinary carbon steel cutting, to reduce tool wear, cutting dosage should be reduced, the following two points should be paid attention to and from the increase of the durability of cutting tools, usually should not be the pursuit of high cutting speed and cutting speed usually take 40 - cutting ordinary carbon steel 60%, according to the type of stainless steel, because of the different types of stainless steel material performance differences lead to their cutting machining, cutting dosage would not be the same. The fourth is the cooling lubrication requirements. Compared with common carbon steel cutting, cooling and lubrication of basically has the following requirements: a cooling performance, there is a higher in precision metal processing cutting, can take away a lot of heat; Second, has the high lubrication performance, can play a better lubrication; Three is to have good permeability, diffusion, the lubrication effect; Four is a good washing performance and supply mode, meet the needs of the chip. The above information is derived from the gains precision mechanical processing plants, more information, please click on the link to see http://www. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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