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Staff should pay attention to matters in the operation of machine tools

by:Xavier      2020-07-16

the machine operation is a very rigorous process, machine tool operation personnel should pay attention to what? Below to introduce to you by us:

1. Work

( 1) Operators shall, in accordance with requirements of the regulations, if you want to leave the machine tool, so the air supply, power supply should be closed, can't keep the machine in a state of no one.

( 2) Machine tool cannot be used overload, super performance.

( 3) Cutting tool, workpiece should be properly clamp, and the contents of each clip should be solid, not heavy hammer.

( 4) Drive and feed mechanism, to check whether the normal work.

( 5) Should maintain sharp cutting tools, grinding tool, if the dull, or there is any breakage should be replaced immediately.

( 6) Safety protection device cannot be taken apart, if not the device, machine tool will not be used.

( 7) Can't put the tool, workpiece in machine tool or other debris.

( 8) Machine tool operation, should pay attention to at any time, if you have any unusual should immediately stop check.

( 9) Machine to keep clean, clean.

2。 Work

( 1) Operating handle, switch, etc. , should be in the correct position.

( 2) After the machine stop, to cut off the gas source and power supply.

( 3) Cleaning machines, cleaning the floor, and then to the maintenance of the machine.

( 4) To do a good job of operation records and succession.

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