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Spark electric parameter selection of precision machinery parts processing the influence of surface roughness

by:Xavier      2020-05-16
Spark electric parameter selection of precision machinery parts processing surface roughness effects of edm machine tool processing is in precision machining, a new industry, it totally different from other machining properties. Edm surface is composed of numerous small pit of omnidirectional and rising, especially beneficial to save the lubricating oil, while there is a precision machining surface cutting or grinding tool marks, directional. In the same under the condition of the surface roughness and lubricating oil, the edm surface lubrication performance and wear resistance are better than other mechanical processing. Because of edm can adapt to the needs of the development of production, and its performance in processing in a lot of good performance, rapid development and application in the precision machinery processing enterprises. Widely used in aerospace precision machinery parts processing. Because often such parts heat treatment requirements, edm electrical parameters and heat treatment process is a key factor which influence the quality of machining. To Xavier15 years experience in precision machining, the electrical parameters, the greater the electric erosion pit on the surface of the machined part is greater and more deep, the surface of the precision machinery processing parts will be rough; The electrical parameter is small, small and shallow electric erosion pit on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece surface roughness value of the small. This is due to the size of the workpiece surface electric erosion pit mainly depends on the size of the single pulse energy, the larger electric parameters, the pulse energy is larger, so the electric erosion is bigger, bigger roughness values. Edm precision machining, the strength of the local stress over a portion of the material limit, because edm surface heat quenching, uneven material swell-shrink, can produce a lot of thermal stress, thermal stress once more than ultimate strength, precision parts processing and surface cracks. For the large, medium and small three sets of electrical parameter, electrical parameter is larger, the large number of microcrack, crack depth is deeper, extending length is longer, when the small electrical parameters, microscopic crack is not obvious, on the number and depth are improved. The above information is derived from the shenzhen precision machining manufacturer Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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