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Sometimes very troubling parts of imported cars

by:Xavier      2020-07-11
Recently, inadvertently BBS inside see a post on the Internet, mainly describes he buys some brand, imported cars could have been a very happy thing, what is a good drive handling, low fuel consumption, import brands have a face, and so on. But who knows the car crash happened didn't open long, cause the car need to be fixed. When I heard that you must think nothing. Drama to the next. Being imported cars, each of the parts need to be imported from overseas, some 4 s shops have inventory that's harmony, but he said the accident is not small, there are a lot of small precision parts need to order from abroad, more expensive to is not the main problem of maintenance, time became the star of this post, fully to wait two months to send these parts to match neat, the 4 s shop said just might. In big things, you know more, because of people's standard of living is getting better and better now, now the cars in the streets is more and more, the car is much, accident also corresponding increase a lot, so many accidents every day, will be put in 4 s shop in a car accident put more than two months, can not transport, that is very troublesome one thing? I send the report is not to point out that not to buy imported cars or something but let everybody when buying a car to want to know, if you buy the imported cars maybe will encounter such things, then what would you do? Others such things he doesn't matter, he and the other cars, such as our company's boss, recently a car horn was broken, the 4 s shop said to come back from overseas order about more than a month, he said that's ok, I have other cars can drive. So this kind of situation not thing for him. But only one car for himself, and transport of high frequency people consider clearly. Followed by this also let company should reflect on imported cars, car brand so much now, in the above said such things will only allow customers to you off and not lead to sales, to be eliminated in the market. Must perfect their after-sales service can have a good reputation, is the so-called: jinbei silver cup, than ordinary people. This paper addresses: / shownews. asp吗? id = 78
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