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Small mechanical processing knowledge

by:Xavier      2020-07-12

commonly used in machining equipment, machining process with the machining and mechanical processing production type specific what? The following specific introduce these for you by our knowledge, let everybody have more in-depth knowledge of mechanical processing.

1, mechanical processing of commonly used machinery

a lot of mechanical processing of commonly used machinery, including precision lathe, lathe, digital display forming grinding machine, digital milling machine, universal grinder, internal grinder, cylindrical grinder, edm machine, such as equipment, these devices can be on the car, milling, planing, grinding, such as processing, and processing precision can reach 2 um.

2, mechanical machining work order

machining process is controlled by the control system of automatic integration process, the equipment including the transportation of raw materials storage, processing of processing, rough machining, parts machining and heat treatment, product mix, etc.

3, the types of mechanical processing production

machining production type can be divided into three categories, including single batch of production, batch production and mass production. Single production is easy to understand, in which the difference between batch and mass production, mass production when the same parts manufacturing, mass production is often repeat the same kind of parts production and manufacturing quantity is very large. Technical personnel according to the different production type selection of parts of different processing methods and equipment, etc.

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