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Small batch standard _ precision parts processing factory precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-04-04
High precision parts processing rules below net weaving to detail processing rules of high precision components: spell fabrication parts for high precision parts processing, processing is very harsh, machining process with the knife, the knife, etc. Have practical rules for size, precision and regulation, such as how much is 1 mm is negative microns, if wrong size too much will become a waste, this time is to have to again processing, time-consuming, and sometimes even prompt processing raw material was entirely, this leads to cost increase, in addition, the parts are there is no doubt that can not be used. For precision parts processing level is the key size of cylinder straight by how much money, for example, with strict management, are negative error within the prescribed scope is qualified parts, otherwise all don't pass parts; Width and actual strict management, is a negative error has requirements, such as an embedded columns ( Take very simple basic parts for example) Straight, if the is very big, beyond the range of allowable error, will cause, not in the condition of, if in fact the small, beyond the allowable error negative low limit, can lead to put down is very loose, the problem of unstable. This is all not pass goods, or the cylinder length is too long or too short, more than the allowable error scope, all don't pass the commodity, is must be abolished, or processing again, it will lead to cost increase. High precision parts processing rules, in fact, that is the most critical dimension problem, must strictly enforce more engineering drawings to carry out the processing, processing out actually size there is no doubt that it is not easy to the basic theory and engineering drawing the same size, just, if only within the scope of permissible error processing size are all qualified parts, therefore, the regulation of high precision parts processing is strictly carry out the basic theory size for processing. Second is excellent precision parts processing machinery, equipment and testing instruments, excellent production equipment prompt processing high precision parts at that time is more simple, higher precision and stronger practical effect. Testing instrument to test out the parts do not regulation, let all the goods sent to the customer's real do.
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