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Small batch CNC machining precision parts offer _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-31
Need not to need to do CNC processing small batch production? How is quotation? To figure the valuation free processing proofing? In our factory to do precision parts processing, can provide proofing. When the product research and development of innovative products have product testing, 1 - Two less than detection template, and not proofing standards, or total product customization itself in a very short time, customers will usually choose high precision CNC processing production. In new product development period, small batch production can reduce the product research and development production cycle time, the risk of FMEA prediction and analysis before mass production, is beneficial to detect sales market, can quickly into the sales order and the change of market demand, to ensure to minimize the inventory level and production of flexible production system software. Mass production CNC machining CNC machining production what are the advantages? High precision: CNC machining batch production of products and high precision of + / - 0. 01 mm, achieve Ra1 smoothness. 6, suitable air oxidation, sandblasting, spray powder coating, plating process, polishing, screen printing ink, laser marking, etc all kinds of metal surface treatment. Regardless of the total number: CNC machining for a more flexible, total 1 ~ 1000 pieces can be processing, people there are all kinds of specifications of CNC machining equipment, Three axis, four axis and 5 axis, imported equipment) To consider the customer's customization product requirements. Regardless of raw materials: regardless of metal materials, plastic materials CNC machining, mass production of common custom raw materials are: aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, magnesium alloy, zinc alloy, nickel base alloy, and increasing casing, only the steel. CNC machining CNC manufacturer mass production of the common problems of CNC machining production key has two purposes, one is a product of low order requirements. Another is the large-scale production before trial production, mass production can prevent error because design of water and design product problem caused property losses in the scale of production. No matter what kind of your product, before the small batch production, must choose suitable manufacturers, and the total number of clear good early production. In addition, as to pay more attention to product quality, generally this early production of the product is not easy to sale on the market, the key is as far as a trial supplies, survey actually produces the product and design scheme is estimated. If relativity apart is very big, must be the original design scheme to carry out the change, and bring down the whole design scheme, to carry out the overall plan again. So when mass production pilot run must be not so convenient, application of raw materials is all the best in production when using actually. Small batch precision CNC machining parts offer. Mass production manufacturer & lt; Technology & gt; : high precision have 12 8 years working experience in project engineer elite team, for in each of the parts processing technology, for you to customize economic development effective processing technology, allows you to get high quality products with low cost. < Services & gt; : high precision of each technical engineers and their design results, people show 1 to 1 elite salesman all tracking new project for you, to help every customer products on sale at the gate of the market. < Quickly & gt; : 2 hours to respond to service and consulting, hand-board model 2 - or parts price 4-4 hours, small batch production price 8 hours, the 1 - of the sample 3 to 7 days, small batch production 15 days. < Special discount & gt; : batch production template of high-precision production completely free, and can, in fact, some preferential price, online message, or consult customer service for your query. CNC machining production repeatedly service commitment: if the product quality problems caused by processing, high precision for free repair or processing again, and then transport back and forth! In this period of Internet technology and freight logistics relatively developed, spacing has already is not a problem, people collaboration with customers has been in guangdong, hunan, hubei, Shanghai, jiangsu, shandong, Beijing, tianjin, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, and even abroad, Chinese customers choose suitable abundant, people more than high-quality logistics companies, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, overseas security packaging and shipping are on people's quality of products, and people have full-time personnel to track the logistics information, to ensure safety products arrive at your hand. For CNC machining precision parts of small batch, can provide proofing, because of the complexity of the precision parts of different materials and different, we will be more processing technology and processes to give you a valuation and complexity, we also do small batch Xavier precision CNC processing precision parts processing. May not be specific here say valuation down to how many money, the complexity of the general CNC processing plants are more processing parts and technology to offer, you can also directly call our customer service, consulting the price of the specific small batch parts processing.
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