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Sit well with titanium precision metal processing should not be using high speed cutting

by:Xavier      2020-05-05
Titanium quite unfavorable precision metal processing using high speed cutting of titanium alloy material has high strength, high viscosity, precision metal processing cutting of titanium alloy, easier to produce in cutting area and the accumulation of heat, combined with the thermal conductivity is poor, the titanium alloy precision metal processing need large removal, has caused the risk of burning, it is also a milling alloy precision parts must not choose the cause of the high cutting speed, generally by using path to cut into the cutting of titanium alloy parts, cutting temperature can control very well, thus to realize the high speed machining precision parts. Paths to the cutting depth will not bring high metal removal rate, using the method in the factory, precision metal processing precision can be improved. Another characteristic of titanium alloy materials elastic resilience is big, so when the drill point contact with the workpiece, tip and workpiece contact area increases, when the tip by the axial force increases, point is easy to wear and tear. After the drill into the workpiece due to radial elastic tightening of titanium alloy and heat conduction performance is poor, bit bigger radial and axial force, the titanium alloy precision metal processing, ordinary bit prone to processing difficulties, wear phenomenon. Titanium alloy, high chemical activity under high temperature and high pressure processing, react with cutting tool material, the formation of soluble apply, spread and become alloy, cause stick knives, chip is not easy to rule out, this kind of material of precision metal processing tend to produce bit was biting, twist the breaking of a rod top phenomenon, selecting special machining titanium alloy high speed steel drill bit, by thickening of the core and minimize the method improve the rigidity of its length. Tapping titanium alloy processing, especially in precision metal processing holes, tapping is difficult. The main reason is because of the low titanium alloy heat conduction system, in the process of tapping processing, cutting zone, high temperature titanium alloy thermal expansion caused formation, in addition, the titanium alloy precision metal processing, springback after extrusion tap hole wall, even will live tooth type bread, tap can not rotate, or tap will break, the concrete will be solved through the following two ways. Forms: the first is to improve tap structure used in processing of titanium alloy tap higher rigidity, tap with contact area is lesser, processed materials and reduce paragraphs will cone core tap cutting edge width or use jump thread tap can improve the rigidity and reduce the contact area with processed material. Secondly to tap design tolerance request: on the premise of meet the requirements of precision of screw thread, tap processing to the thread path difference as far as possible, if necessary can be dumplings hole after drilling, in order to meet the tolerance requirements. The above information is derived from Xavier precision metal processing plants, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. html
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