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Shenzhen precision stainless steel parts processing several key problem solving method

by:Xavier      2020-05-19
A few of the key issues in shenzhen precision stainless steel parts processing solution chromium stainless steel material contains more nickel titanium, so poor thermal conductivity of materials, great toughness, high strength, as a precision metal processing, has the certain difficulty. Especially the master pieces of cutting, grinding and broaching deep hole in the center, will be more difficult. Stainless steel precision mechanical parts in the grinding, should pay attention to the following three questions: 1. On a knife and observation. Due to the low carbon stainless steel materials, grinding is not easy to see when the spark, and therefore the knife to bring very great difficulty, can be used with oil, and listening to the last knife. 2. Coarse grinding, grinding is light, there is a slight scrape, along with the rising of the turning, precision metal processing parts with the increase of number of grinding of abrasive surface began to form the small plane, the cutting performance is poorer, grinding the thrum of the ji ji, practice shows that when the grinding wheel are uniformly issued crisp sound, sand is sharp, cutting performance is good, sound, heavy grinding wheel has been dull, should be timely finishing, of course, because of the different materials and the depth of the turning, sound is also different. 3. Fine grinding, grinding wheel dressing should be just fine, and soon, the start of the fine grinding of abrasive and will gradually wear out of a small plane, at this time should be used in smaller turning and deeper longitudinal feed, can make the precision metal surface processing with small plane on the surface of the grinding wheel friction squeezing effect, can reduce the roughness of the workpiece surface, after a certain feed mill or only light into 0. 005 mm light ground several times, in addition to the fine grinding caused by grinding grain of spike scratch at the beginning of chew some scratches, roughness can be stable in 0. 2 the following, if before a batch of parts finishing grinding, to one or a few preliminary grinding allowance large parts, make after finishing the sharp abrasive in pre grinding out of a small plane, and then entered the stage of fine grinding, the effect will be better, in addition, the fine grinding should also according to the roughness of the workpiece, such as light or sent to determine whether a grinding wheel dull, should pay close attention to this, otherwise it is easy to cause the precision metal surface processing burns. The above information is derived from the shenzhen Xavier precision machining manufacturer company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155087 - 195990 - 0. html
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