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Shenzhen precision shaft processing, optical axis machining, machining parts, precision machining, mechanical processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-17
New technology of precision shaft keyway milling pin to explore the type of shaft processing of optical axis, eccentric shaft, shaft, etc. Transmission shaft are generally with keyway, it is on the shaft or hole processing is complete, used to install to transfer torque, key slotting machining belongs to empty slot, shaft keyway machining keyway milling cutter and is commonly used in vertical milling cutter. We can provide the shaft parts processing, welcomed the consultation. Keyway milling cutter has two blade, cylinder and end face has a cutting edge, end edge to center, as a vertical milling cutter is both as a bit. Vertical milling cutter is axial feed directly, end mill cutting edges on the surface of the cylindrical main cutting edge, on the face of a cutting edge to vice cutting edges, vertical milling cutter machining keyway, generally USES inclined insert and screw feed, also can adopt the method of drilled. As a result of the keyway milling cutter knife teeth with relative to the diameter of the vertical milling cutter knife less the number of teeth, milling, vibration, the side of the parts processing surface quality relative to the vertical milling cutter is bad. The symmetric milling keyway machining, two side side to climb milling. On the other side of conventional milling and inverse milling parts processing on one side of the surface roughness is bad, the other on both sides of the surface roughness of the difference is very big also. Slotting machining, the diameter of the milling cutter is small, low strength, poor rigidity, milling process, the cutting thickness changes from small to big, unbalanced force on either side of the cutter, machining keyway of tilt, keyway relative to the axis of symmetry is bad. Machining keyway on ordinary milling machine, according to the keyway width and extreme deviation and tolerance, and the cutter selecting machining methods, for the size of the cutting tool processing, the guarantee of keyway width dimension precision is difficult, need to pass many times, repeatedly to determine the size tolerance of the milling cutter. Keyway on the nc machine tool processing, can be divided into rough machining and finish machining, when using vertical milling cutter machining keyway, adopt bevel type feed, used in inclined insert the ends of the arc feed, keyway two side leave allowance, until the keyway slot bottom. Precision machining keyway, generally by using contour milling, milling, cutting to cut and tangential cutting, machining keyway profile, ensure that the roughness of the keyway on the side and the width of the keyway tolerances, finish machining two feed line of the cutting tool. The above information is derived from the metal mechanical processing factory. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. HTML product purchase link https://cfsshilihe. 1688. com/
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