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Shenzhen precision metal processing how to deal with the relationship between technology and precision

by:Xavier      2020-05-19
Shenzhen precision metal processing how to deal with the relationship between technology and precision of a process of precision machinery parts processing, first of all from the beginning of the sales orders, and then process workers carefully check the drawings, look at the size of what the paradox, then the establishment process of link. Technology personnel should not only understand the drawings, also understand the equipment, if you have actual operation experience will be better, in this way can we work out a feasible and reasonable processing procedure. Below is Xavier by shenzhen precision metal processing factory take you know about the company. Compiling process mainly from two aspects: determine the precision parts of the implementation of the route and understand the specific situation of the equipment. Formulation must obey the following rules: when the processing of datum before operation, and according to the nature of the product into different links, in precision metal processing parts plane section after the operation, set up corresponding hole that can effectively reduce the error, the position of the positioning is accurate. In addition, but also separate rough machining and fine processing, not at the same time, also want to consider on processing equipment selection, choose suitable for processing, reasonably arrange the time of each process and determine to complete precision metal processing in the stipulated time. Precision machining accuracy refers to the parts processing scheme before and after the actual machining precision. If there is difference, belongs to the machining error. Therefore, in the process of machining, precision and error are equivalent, precision metal processing in the process of the processing surface and the shape and size error between the reference need within a certain range, the smaller the error said its machining precision is higher. In the process of precision machining, even under the same conditions, using the same method for processing, processing quality will also vary, mainly because of a precision metal processing parts will go through several process, every link may produce errors. In precision machining process, machining error is inevitable, we can only control it, try to reduce the error, error is also associated with the nature of the precision parts itself has a lot of, in addition, also related to the midway of the cutting process. The above information is derived from the precision metal processing factory in shenzhen Xavier company, more products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/
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