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Shenzhen precision machining, precision machinery parts processing, precision metal processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-18
Metal precision machinery parts processing why heat treatment in the precision machinery parts processing enterprises, can be processed material is numerous, such as iron, aluminum, zinc, copper, nickel, chromium, etc. Shenzhen precision machinery processing factory Xavier company for 16 years, processing of materials in the majority with alloy. Whether metal or alloy, in order to further improve the performance of the metal, so it can effectively meet the relevant requirements in the process of manufacture and use, should carry out heat treatment process, the metal parts on a medium heat, keep some time after waiting for a comfortable temperature, and according to the different speeds in different medium for cooling, so that with the aid of metal material surface and its internal structural changes in the microstructure to achieve to change its performance, this is metal heat treatment process of precision machinery parts processing. Heat treatment process can effectively improve the use of precision metal parts and process performance, and improve the level of metal precision parts processing and manufacturing of one of the main ways. For metal parts, advance the process of heat treatment is necessary, this is mainly due to the blank workpiece and semi-finished products of the production process, material differences will lead to different cutting condition, and caused deformation state and surface finish each are not identical, therefore, in order to ensure the materials in accordance with state standard and related requirements, to advance the heat processing, heat treatment in advance can ensure material cutting performance, and improve the accuracy of precision machining metal parts, reduce the deformation of parts material processing, and provide a good for parts machining material status. In order to improve the fracture toughness of the metal, the key to reduce the metal parts of crystals in dislocation, reduce low density, in order to improve the strength of the metal, can be taken to strengthen method of fine grain by grain refinement of grain boundary ratio increased significantly, which hinder the dislocation glide bullet, and realizes the raise material tenacity, in the process of metal heat treatment may enhance grain refining process, therefore, precision machinery parts processing, metal heat treatment process using different temperature of different material property can be obtained, therefore, the increase of fracture toughness can be implemented by means of temperature control in the process of heat treatment. The above information is derived from the metal precision machining manufacturer Xavier precision components co. , LTD. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. HTML product purchase address https://cfsshilihe. 1688. com
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