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Shenzhen precision machinery processing enterprises how to control the deformation of sheet parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-18
Shenzhen precision machinery processing enterprises how to control the deformation of sheet parts processing chip type of precision machinery parts processing, due to its special small length to diameter ratio, in the process or after heat treatment, place a certain amount of time, this kind of precision machinery parts bending phenomenon occurs, compared with around, one of the bulging in the middle part, and that in those with large length to diameter ratio of the parts, caused by the action of external force its elastic deformation, generally divided into three main. 1. Due to the structure of precision mechanical components contained in wafer and cantilever, the improper positioning of mechanical parts, the clamping is unreasonable, in this way, because of the rigid is not strong, the inevitable deformation phenomenon, and then reach the design requirements of drawings, precision machinery parts processing precision. 2. In the process of mechanical parts for cutting, parts will be under the influence of cutting force, will produce elastic deformation, usually call this phenomenon known as 'knife' phenomenon. In length to diameter is larger precision machinery parts processing, because under the influence of cutting force, the clamping side, deformation occurs. Precision machinery parts processing, the deformation of each are not identical, but from the general reason, is in dealing with components elastic deformation caused by external force situation, solve the problem better measures is to use special jig, as far as possible to reduce clamping deformation and improve the anti-jamming ability in the process of precision machinery parts processing, and should try to choose reasonable processing parameters and the cutting tool. In addition, it is important to note that after heat treatment and processing of mechanical parts produced by the deformation, can take the following measures: to try to improve quality of billet and the internal residual stress to the mechanical parts to eliminate as far as possible, and to deal with casting in a timely and effective manner. In precision machinery parts processing, ensure the natural deformation of mechanical parts, and then by using the above method, finishing processing, can say it is a way of deformation after machining. Through the limit of heat treatment, increasing the rigidity of mechanical parts to limit its deformation, and prevent excessive deformation of parts.
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