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Shenzhen jig processing, fixture processing, precision machinery parts processing, CNC precision machining

by:Xavier      2020-05-20
Numerical control milling jig design should follow the requirements as China more and more high mechanization degree, also to the requirement of the jig design and manufacture becomes higher. Jig's role is to make the work piece quickly and accurately determine the location of installed on the jig and positioning, so as to ensure the quality meet the requirements of precision machinery parts processing, this jig is widely used in the production of the main reasons. CNC milling machine is widely used in precision machinery processing enterprises, it is mainly used by the jig can effective positioning and clamping function, according to the requirements of the processing technology, the numerical control milling jig design, should follow the following requirements: 1. The open degree of the fixture. Usually in the process of precision machinery parts processing, in order to avoid milling machine spindle sleeve and the cutting tool and fixture interfere with each other, to make the workpiece machining surface and fastening device element to maintain proper safety distance, and the clamping mechanism of element position is relatively low. In order to ensure the installation method and the use of nc machine tools and machine tool parts programming coordinate system is consistent, jig should use not directional installation design, ensure parts positioning surface and coordinates can be mutual transformation between nc machine tools. 2. At the beginning of the tooling/fixture design, to focus on is to consider the rigidity and stability of the jig, at the same time also need to clarify whether to change the clamping point and change the way of problem, to ensure that the workpiece or fixture positioning accuracy. 3. Fixture clamping force should be appropriate, such as excessive clamping force may cause the workpiece deformation, and clamping force is too small will be unstable artifacts. The general rule is neither damage to clamp workpiece. 4. Fixture processing of materials appropriate to choose, it's too hard to scratch artifacts, too mild steel degree is not enough. 5. Take into account the processing efficiency of CNC milling machine and operational problems. Streamline design should be adopted to ensure machining process is simple and practical, convenient operation and can effectively reduce labor intensity of labor and production safety. The above information is derived from the shenzhen CNC precision machining manufacturer Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , provides precision machinery parts processing, fixture clamping fixture processing. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. HTML product purchase link https://cfsshilihe. 1688. com
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