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Shenzhen jig, fixture, jig processing processing, fixture processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-05-24
Shenzhen jig processing factory to the principle to be followed in the design of fixture summary in precision machinery parts processing, the processing technology, there are big differences before processing need to select the corresponding fixture, adopts the corresponding tool clamping method, which can ensure the smooth progress of workpiece machining. Different artifacts need different when the clamping fixture, this involves the processing and the design of the jig. Shenzhen Xavier precision components co. , LTD. , is committed to non-standard precision jigs and fixtures for 16 years, high machining accuracy, to map processing is our strong point. Jig need to consider from several aspects in the design, can be considered from two aspects of the use and applicability. In general, a fixture to do after, as far as possible can be used for a variety of similar precision parts clamping, such not only can effectively reduce the cost of jig processing, also can improve the work efficiency of the enterprise. When processing jig design needs to follow the following a few basic principles: 1. Fixture is designed according to the machining for, rather than designed fixture selection function of artifacts; 2. At the time of use to ensure that the workpiece can be fixed each other, fixtures and equipment all three phase, so as to ensure precision metal processing parts have corresponding function and nature. At the time of normal use, tooling and fixture to fixed workpiece positioning, need to make sure that the workpiece will not happen in the process of precision machining large position deviation. So, at the time of position, must ensure the accuracy of the workpiece positioning, thus to ensure the accuracy of precision metal processing. Artifacts in the process of positioning also needs to follow the positioning principle, especially the basic positioning principle and method, so as to avoid late due to locate problems affect the precision of the workpiece processing. Workpiece positioning is the basic way of positioning six degrees of freedom localization methods, an artifact has six degrees of freedom in space, namely, before and after, left, right, up and down, refers to the workpiece has six direction can be moved in space, to ensure the workpiece in precision machining is not going to happen in the process of movement and migration, you need to restrict, six degrees of freedom of artifacts that will result in artifacts of positioning, not only increased the difficulty of the positioning, and waste a lot of positioning components, so in the actual machining process need combined with the actual situation of selective positioning, so as to ensure the accuracy of workpiece machining. The above information is derived from the jig processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen.
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