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Shenzhen computer gongs parts offer _ computer gongs processing plant

by:Xavier      2020-03-29
Shenzhen computer gongs parts processing quotation first of all, is to tell you about shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Is a company in precision machinery parts processing industry, commonly known as the 'computer gongs, CNC machining, precision parts processing, precision CNC processing'. Our factory has more than ten years in the industry of computer gongs processing of machining experience and abundant case, our factory formerly known as hon hai hardware factory, our factory address Wan Jiang in shenzhen. At present there are 25 sets of CNC machining center, factory factory employees 50 people. Simple introduced, our factory now said once you are concerned about computer gongs machining parts offer, you don't worry, slowly to read. Shenzhen computer gongs parts processing offer computer gongs parts processing process of 1, when you visit our factory website, maybe you just look at this article, so I now carefully one by one to you said you care about computer gongs machining parts quotation, if you have the precision parts processing figure or things have the sample, you can direct docking our business manager, our sales manager will be detailed discuss the quotation with you. 2, when you get in communication with business manager, business managers, according to your requirements or diagram or sample processing, business managers is that our factory machinery technology offer after engineer accounting processing cost and profit, can communicate with your offer. 3, in order to save computer gongs processing efficiency of quotation, which is you need to provide your vendor which the head of the company, is necessary to have a look at your copy of the company, because the computer gongs processing industry has a lot of mind is bad fellow, always in my factory fool technics fool quotation for customers, in order to make our quotation engineers work efficiently, so please you understand! Asked our sales manager if you is which manufacturer which company and need to look at your copy of business license when you fit is ok, because we offer engineers is not for a moment, it is a time consuming, after obtaining your diagram or sample processing business manager, through OA send your demand to offer engineers, general offer engineers need at least a price quote hours to four hours of accounting, and business managers signature audit, general manager of audit, more energy, so here say so much, you also don't get me wrong, we also to in business negotiation with you more friendly and pleasant communication. 4, again after receiving your diagram or sample processing, offer engineers through cost and profit accounting, after checking by our factory manager, you need to processing the quotation list will be sent to you, which will tell you the specific processing technology and processes, as well as CNC machining in our factory on the list of charges. 5, what do you think of quotation right, can come to my factory processing or detailed communication with the business manager of the cooperation and contract, as well as the processing parts of the concrete issues for you. As for your computer gongs machining parts precision parts quantity, if number, you can communicate with our sales manager specific batch processing precision parts processing batch processing. General single processing and batch processing offer will have different, because of single processing cost will be high, batch precision parts processing costs would be slightly lower than the cost of single parts processing, specific business process, you can consult website on the right side of the business manager's contact information, you compare the hurry quotation, it is recommended that you call business manager directly, in order to convenient you more efficient service to you.
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