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Shenzhen CNC machining which good _ precision CNC processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-03-29
Shenzhen CNC machining which good? First of all, for you to introduce shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Introduction: shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD is a professional engaged in precision parts processing and the strength of the manufacturers, with years of experience in CNC machining, formerly known as hon hai with CNC machining experience more than ten years experience hardware factory, Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Although registered in only four years, but Xavier precision in CNC machining industry mature technology, the factory technical personnel reserve, senior technician for more than ten years, can completely meet the demand of all kinds of precision parts processing, including batch processing. Our precision parts processing workshops, commonly known as: CNC machining center is here to tell you about shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , precision parts processing workshops, the following figure. Is shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. , in a corner of the CNC machining center workshop. CNC machining workshop in the corner of our quality department, CNC machining center after the completion of the precision parts, precision quality inspections would be here one by one, to control the quality of the factory. The following video, is shenzhen Xavier quality department of precision machinery co. , LTD. Quality department check the quality of precision parts precision video my factory is on the second floor of the engineering department, the office on the second floor has a general manager room, project office, financial room. Technical positions are: on the second floor of the network engineers, mechanical process quotation engineer, drawing engineer, foreign trade salesman, domestic sales, finance. Below is our factory on the second floor office interior, including our factory shenzhen Xavier case samples exhibit precision machinery co. , LTD. Shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. The front desk show office one corner shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. The office customer case samples show a corner office our factory staff canteen, our factory has its own independent staff canteen, can satisfy the factory all staff dining, canteen cooks is a pretty nice a good eldest brother, cooking cooking craft that is honey, I eat every time ate up a bowl of rice, also need to drink soup, good food, and for the employee's body and appetite, and the mood of employees, work status will also have a good feeling, basic will have meat for several days a week, our factory canteen is cook eldest brother do dishes, the taste is really good, eat joss-stick, also have a good mood to work. The boss of the factory is also full of thoughtful, pretty nice of a person, from staff meals of concern can be seen, the boss's heart good, is a conscience, boss! Our factory's interior, here is my factory factory interior video, video on the first floor is our CNC machining center, 25 sets of CNC machining center, the factory can be work for 24 hours. The following video is Xavier precision factory interior video below is Xavier video shenzhen CNC machining of precision CNC machining center workshop interior view which good? Above is shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Introduction: our factory is a precision parts CNC processing plants, while our factory is a night shift, but our factory staff treatment is good, each industry does have some different work time, our factory on Saturday, double time. Like to say in shenzhen CNC machining which good? As an objective point of view, shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD. Is a good boss with a sense of responsibility, integrity, ensure the quality, service attitude, enthusiasm, good! Although I am a staff from our boss, but as an employee, my personal character and the behavior of the boss is approved, the boss is a honest, responsible, business professional, quality excellent, a lovely good boss! If you have just needs to do precision parts processing, just our factory shenzhen Xavier precision machinery co. , LTD can meet the demand of your precision parts processing, whether large or small batch or single pieces of precision parts processing, our factory can be processing service for you! Here, thank you can read this article, if you need to contact our factory boss now, consulting a precision CNC machining parts, you see on the right side of the website WeChat or QQ or phone contact on the site, on the right side of your convenience that contact is possible, if you are urgent, suggest that directly related to the business manager of our factory telephone! !
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