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by:Xavier      2020-05-02
Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturer to remind you of the importance of cutting fluid dry cutting is not yet widely used, so we see in precision machinery parts processing, you must be accompanied by cutting fluid, depending on the processing equipment, can be divided into oily and water. So what is the cutting fluid? It is a kind of used in metal cutting, grinding, precision machining process used for lubrication and cooling cutting tool and machined part liquid, they should have good cooling and lubrication, anti-rust, degreasing cleaning and corrosion function, and easy to dilute, etc. Shenzhen CNC machining manufacturer Xavier company is committed to precision machining for 16 years, bought many sets of precision machine tools, and accumulated lots of experience in processing industry. Here is the small make up from the aspects of the role of cutting fluid is different to explain it carefully. First is lubrication, the lubrication in the process of metal cutting fluid in cutting, can reduce the tool rake face and chip, after the knife surface and precision mechanical product has been processed surface, the friction between form part of the lubricating film, so as to reduce the cutting force and the friction and power consumption, reduce the surface temperature of the cutting tool and workpiece blank friction parts and tool wear, improve the machinability of workpiece materials. Followed by cooling, the cooling effect of cutting fluid is through it and fever due to cutting tool ( Or wheel) , convection between the chip and workpiece, and the vaporization heat cutting away from the cutting tool and workpiece, effectively reduce the cutting speed, reduce the thermal deformation of workpiece and tool, keep the tool hardness, improving the precision of precision machinery parts processing and tool life. The third is the cleaning effect: in the process of metal cutting, require cutting fluid has good cleaning effect, eliminate generation chip, chip and iron powder, oil and sand, prevent contamination of machine tool, cutting tool and workpiece, the cutting tool or grinding wheel cutting edge is sharp, and does not affect the cutting effect. Fourth is antirust function: in the process of metal cutting, artifacts to environmental medium and cutting fluid decomposition of the sludge and the oxidation and corrosion of corrosive medium, such as contact, contact with the cutting fluid of the surface of the machine tool parts also suffer from corrosion. So cutting fluid must have antirust function. The above information is derived from the mechanical processing factory Xavier precision components (shenzhen) co. , LTD. More products please click on the link to see http://www for details. 瓦乌。 cn/products- 155088 - 0 - 0. HTML product purchase address https://cfsshilihe. 1688. com
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