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Sheet metal machining automation performance

by:Xavier      2020-05-05
Sheet metal machining automation performance of the rapid development of social economy, the development of industrial enterprises in machinery automation is also promoting, sheet metal machining automation goals, is the important expression of industrialization development degree increase. Through the theoretical analysis of sheet metal machining automation development research, provide theory support for the actual development, so as to promote the overall level of mechanical automation. Sheet metal machining automation reflected from many aspects, sheet metal processing and production of CNC punch press automation is more common automation processing equipment, can effectively improve the efficiency of sheet metal production, can effectively guarantee the sheet metal processing production mechanization and automation. From the perspective of the main part of automation, CNC punch press is the key part in the sheet metal processing, also is at the core of parts processing, through the three box shape framework structure, so it can ensure the stability of components can ensure the reliability of sheet metal processing, but also greatly reduces the error caused in the processing. On CNC punching after fixation through automation punch technology can improve the traditional process technology, under the automatic mould replacement, will greatly improve the efficiency of the construction. Specific application will mold information sheet metal punching equipment control center, can implement process automation. Sheet metal machining automation of the application of the system software is more important, main is to use the CNC software control punch technology implementation. On the application of this software is simple, has a high on the accuracy of the application. The software and other software, a software failure in comprehensive work other software to work [ 5] 。 Special mould applications, the combination of different punch technology type and size, can design different types and size mold, automation work for could improve the whole efficiency of the sheet metal parts processing. Above all, to achieve the goals of sheet metal processing machinery automation, can effectively improve the overall quality level of processing, from many aspects to strengthen attaches great importance to the security technology application is scientific, is of positive significance to the actual processing and quality assurance. Through research analysis of sheet metal machining automation from various perspectives, hoping to help the actual development.
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