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Shared cycling gear shaft processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-13

share the bike is a household name, in a Shared economy was already a big trend, compared with the life we also felt the Shared bikes bring convenience, so small make up today for everyone to popularize the basic knowledge of the Shared cycling, gear shaft drive and chain drive:

presumably chain transmission is known, is also one of the most common before, today small make up key to introduce gear shaft drive, observe carefully we can find Shared cycling of gear transmission more and more, such as common mo worship is the gear transmission, so why more and more merchants to abandon the traditional gear transmission chain transmission and choice now?

the first to popularize the gear shaft, gear shaft bearing rotating parts and with rotary to transfer movement and torque or bending moment of mechanical parts. Generally for metal round rods, paragraphs can have different diameters. For rotary movement of the parts in the machine is installed on the shaft.

so what are the advantages of gear shaft?

first, shaft transmission efficiency is obviously higher than that of the chain drive, shaft drive is generally with rear axle in variable speed, the two together, Replace the chain transmission +) ;

in the second place, we know that sharing the magnitude of the bike was damaged more and more big, especially the Shared bicycle chain transmission, relatively speaking, shaft driving bicycle durable not easy to be destroyed;

we are a professional custom metal non-standard precision parts processing factory, processing customized Shared cycling gear shaft choose us, ensure high precision and quality to you!

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