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Several methods of precision parts processing efficiency _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-03
Non-standard equipment parts processing system processes will show tool damage to accelerate, processing and surface integrity is poor, cutting cleaning hard relevance, serious damage to the high precision parts processing quality of the materials, the production cycle time and processing cost. In accordance with the professional skills to learn metal materials, metal cutting, non-standard parts processing equipment described basic principle of the basic theory of material processing problems to carry out the analysis, to explore a set of effective management of stainless steel plate materials drilling, reaming, boring processing professional skills. Mechanical equipment manufacturing industry of our country by the professional skills and talents of the constraint in the professional skills, products innovation and product development and big companies compete with a terrible beauty. But then work abroad costs into, in the event of aggravating, China machinery parts processing work in increasing investment on independent development and design, already have endless results, especially in the mechanical equipment is making enterprise in digital display measuring instrument instrument professional skills and digital display hardware out of goods level measuring instrument. Such as the present stage China's successful development and design 2 meters CNC gear tester, become on the international also has the overall strength of precision measuring instruments. Other with external force, also for China's machinery processing enterprises on the professional skills with a very good help, now most of China's first non-standard equipment parts processing enterprises, more than the introduction of many overseas well-known brand precision machinery processing machinery and equipment. The core is with Japan, Germany brand machinery and equipment. Has the external force to help, also pretty big level take a non-standard equipment parts processing precision and quality of goods go out. Asks the super RunHua for non-standard equipment parts processing surface and high machining precision, this requires a knife with a high standard life of limit, whether the tool has been damaged, will be to reduce the deviation based on whether the machining surface quality. Diamond knives with the specification of the life of a high limit, high speed cutting tool damage is also very slow. So ultra precision cutting, the cutting speed is not affected by cutting tool life limit, this is a little bit and the general standard of cutting is not the same. Non-standard equipment parts processing trainee selection of cutting speed, is often based on the application of ultra precision machine dynamic characteristics and dynamic characteristics of cutting system software selection, namely the selection of vibration speed than at least. Because when the rotational speed than the roughness of the surface at least, most of the processing quality. To obtain high quality non-standard automation processing surface is the main doubt standard equipment parts processing. Application of cost-effective, is very good dynamic characteristics, vibration of ultra-precision machine can apply high cutting rate and output power to drive the processing. Non-standard equipment parts processing main parameter selection mainly includes the focus of the cutting tool selection, cutting rate selection and cutting depth and feed rate of selection, etc. We know from the past experience in the plastic deformation of material machining if selected large rake Angle of cutting tool can effectively avoid the devolop tumor, it is cutting tool rake Angle to expand, reduce the cutting force, cutting deformation is small, touch the shorter length of cutting tool and cutting, reduce the devolop lump of basic.
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