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Several methods of analysis is commonly used in precision machinery parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-13
Precision machinery parts processing several methods commonly used in the analysis of the modern enterprise to product high quality requirements, so put forward higher requirements for parts manufacturing, especially in precision machinery parts processing quality directly affects the performance of the machine, such as life, efficiency, reliability index, is the basis of guarantee the quality of the machine, and parts manufacturing quality, rely on the manufacturing method of blank, machining, heat treatment and surface treatment process to ensure that. So in all aspects of mechanical parts processing will always give top priority to ensure the quality. Comprehensive Xavier16 years of experience in precision parts processing, and put forward the following several processing methods, to improve the accuracy of precision machining. Test method: try to cut out a small part of the processing surface, try to cut the size of the resulting measurement, in accordance with the requirements for processing the appropriate tool cutting edge relative to the workpiece position, try cutting and measuring again, so after two or three times to try cutting and measuring, when the dimensions meet the requirements, then cutting precision machinery parts processing surface machined part the rest. Adjustment method: with sample or standard parts in advance to adjust the accuracy of the machine tool, fixture, cutting tool and workpiece position, in order to guarantee the dimensional accuracy of precision machinery parts processing, and in the process of a batch of parts processing size remains the same, that is the adjustment method. Method: fixed size with corresponding size of tool to ensure that the workpiece machining parts size method called dimension method. It is to use the standard size of cutting tool machining, the size is determined by the cutter size, which has a certain size precision of the cutting tool and machining is to ensure the accuracy of parts. Above the advantages and disadvantages of several processing methods: 1. Trial cut method does not need complex device, likely to be achieved after mechanical parts processing precision is very high, but time-consuming, requires multiple adjustment, test, measurement, calculation, the cutting efficiency is relatively low, rely on the worker's technical level and the precision of measuring instruments, the quality is not stable, so only for single small batch production. 2. Reference cutting method of machining accuracy adjustment method have good stability, higher productivity, the machine operators request is not high, but high to the requirement of machine tool adjuster, commonly used in batch production and mass production. 3. Size is easy to operate, high productivity, precision machinery parts processing precision mainly depends on the precision of the cutting tool and cutting tool and workpiece position accuracy, in order to eliminate the cutting tool and the workpiece position precision influence on machining precision, can be used to cutting tool and machine tool spindle floating coupling method to solve. The above information is derived from the precision parts processing factory Xavier company in shenzhen.
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