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Sensor technology in the application of precision machinery parts processing _ precision parts processing factory

by:Xavier      2020-04-06
With the change of time, with the development trend of times, more and more intelligent, in high precision machinery parts processing as the traditional processing of processing and manufacturing, and today's high and new technology is all very much. In industrial equipment processing cutting process of sensor technology to detect the purpose is to improve the productivity of the whole cutting process, the production processing direct costs or ( Metal composite materials) The removal rate of raw material, etc. The guiding ideology of the whole cutting process control panel testing with the cutting force of cutting process and its changes, the chatter vibration and the cutting process of nc tool and workpiece touch and cutting when the cutting conditions and cutting process identification, and important basic parameters of sensor technology with the whole process of cutting force, cutting vibration, acoustic emission cutting process, cutting the whole process of motor power, etc. Important for the operation of the machine tool control panel testing has the guiding ideology, roller bearing and the control system of the rotation system, inspection and control of the temperature and the safety performance, and its basic parameters control panel has a mechanical failure standby time of the machine tool, work piece's surface roughness and machining accuracy, power, machine tool lubrication and cooling water, the flow of fluid, etc. The whole process of high precision machinery parts machining, sensor technology used in the production process to identify, introduced by processing production process is to identify whether workers ( Zero) A processing requirements of the production process; Identify into machine tool for processing the blank piece or whether to ask the workpieces or blank; Also asked to identify whether the workpiece installation position processing technical standard requires the position of the machining process. In addition, to be able to discern application artifacts and artifact to install network monitoring sensor technology with blank or workpieces machining allowance and surface defects. Sensor technology for high precision machinery parts processing is more important is to reduce the repair rate, nowadays service facilities on the machine tool nc tool detection control panel can be effective in preventing such probability. Machine tool processing is refers to using machine tools to carry out the raw material processing and manufacturing. Machining by nc machine tool blade and artifacts in the middle of the relative velocity to maintain, the fitness movement can be divided into the surface produce fitness and auxiliary tools fitness two kinds big. After processing precision machine tool parts processing means actually geometry of the main parameters of main parameters and idealized geometry level. Under the standard of bending rigidity to allow, take a lot of rough machining cutting deep, to reduce feed frequency, improve work productivity; Finishing generally take smaller cutting deep, in order to get higher performance. Harm the final machining accuracy of workpiece and machining efficiency, apart from the sake of nc machine tool machine tool itself, also need to set effective processing lines, CNC blade selection and proper installation, cutting the amount of the effective method of selecting, write a program and its specifications precision rapidly manipulation and so on several aspects to carry out the full consideration. Clear cutting usage is the key content of numerical control machine processing technology, it is the size of the machine tool main fitness main parameters and the key to feeding the fitness movement, the workpiece machining accuracy, efficiency and the dangers of CNC blade damage has the key. Pick cutting usage include cutting speed, feed and feeding. Basis of selecting standard is: under the standard of bending rigidity to allow, take a lot of rough machining cutting deep, to reduce feed frequency, improve work productivity; Finishing generally take smaller cutting deep, in order to get higher performance. Feed selection: artifacts or special tools each roll or reciprocating once a week, artifacts and special tools in feeding the relativity of offset in the direction and fitness companies for mm. After cutting deep selected, should further as far as possible choose a lot of feeding. Feeding the effective values of selected shall ensure, numerical control machine tool blade not destroyed by cutting force is very big, the artifacts caused by cutting force stiffness not exceed allowable values, workpiece precision roughness parameter value is not very big. Rough machining, the limited feeding is the key to cutting force, semi-finishing and finish machining, the limited feeding is the key to roughness.
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