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SC tail handle, LC tail handle of precision boring

by:Xavier      2020-07-17

boring and drilling & ndash; Expansion & ndash; Reaming process compared to the aperture size is not subject to restrictions on the size of the cutting tool, and it not only has strong ability of error correction, through many times feeding to revise the original hole axis deflection error, and can keep the boring and positioning surface high position accuracy.

boring compared to outside circle, due to the poor rigidity, the deformation of tool rod system is large, the cooling chip removal condition is bad, the thermal deformation of workpiece and tool is bigger, than boring machining quality and production efficiency are high round outside the car.

in analysis shows that boring machining range, processing a variety of different size and different precision grade holes, for larger aperture, size and location accuracy requirement high pore and pore system, boring is almost the only processing method. Boring machining accuracy for IT9 ~ IT7 level, surface roughness Ra. Boring can be boring machine, lathe, milling machine and other machine tools, has the advantages of flexible production. They are widely used in In a large number of mass production, to improve the efficiency of boring, often use boring and die.

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