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Research on precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-05-28
Study of parts processing precision parts outside the narrow shaft gear, the design of the gear trapped within the thread, floral twinkle benchmarks are usually the center of the shaft hole in the center of the process with two heart attachment simulation axis, therefore in the process of manufacturing, choose two center hole position, both in line with the reference superposition principle, process has been able to achieve a position of chu, workpiece clamping is convenient, in the actual production and processing shaft gear class zero, machining manufacturer hole at the center of the two as a general locating datum, during the processing, I always processing shaft at both ends of the song 'and center hole, and then to center hole as positioning a prospective, follow-up with factory. And installed in the transmission, the gear mesh positioning reference to choose the end of the shaft journal, machined finish machining and processing base, has certain deviation, because this just want to han situation analysis, in order to improve the processing way of positioning. To bad outside MAO as a coarse one on both ends of the vehicles in the end, drilling central hole, then use two claws self-centering chuck clamping side, the other end of the center hole and outside foot and face, turn the car on the other side sometimes in step X has car cylindrical place to take a rest, to align center after processing. Subsequent finishing before to practice correction of center hole, so on processing center hole, the two coaxial center hole can be ensured, and to ensure that the outer harbor and round on the elder sister of a degree requirements, roll teeth and shaving teeth grinding, milling spline ends with center hole for the locating datum, and with the lathe dog or other clamping device for clamping and drive the workpiece rotation, carry on the processing. Center hole on both ends of the coaxial or not, directly influence the machining precision of the products. Shaft with an arrow in the subsequent shaving, locating datum are central hole do to processing. Flow process, because of previous used multiple times or parts machining manufacturer center hole surface has been damaged by the hob, and cause the center hole misalignment, eventually led to the ring gear and installation location of different heart, beating deviation. So need to improve the traditional clamping positioning way, the use of shaft end bearing parts localization process, eliminate because of center hole deviation error problem.
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