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Reasonable use of CNC machining center feeding device

by:Xavier      2020-07-03

in the process of high speed machining, CNC machining center should keep the entire load stability in the process of cutting, avoid sudden changes in direction, to reduce feed or tool stops also avoid direction mutations. In nc machining, what strategies should be followed? By below to introduce the next:

when the feeding path to determine, CNC machining centers in high speed machining in milling is given priority to, in order to reduce tool wear, improve the machining accuracy. According to the cutting and small layers deep shallow stratified principle, adopt reasonable hierarchical route to realize the rationality of the processing and the stability of the payload. Should increase arc feeding at the corner, the corner to prevent the direction of the velocity vector mutations, avoid tool load change sharply.

in the numerical control machining center plane double cutting processing, can be in additional arc switching between adjacent two rows of tool path, to form a smooth lateral move a knife. Double cutting processing, in the space can use spatial arc moving knife, space inside move dao side arc, space and & other; Golf & throughout; Transition moving knife extended transition in the form, so that not only ensure the smoothness of tool path, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of two row of hard turn, this transfer method widely used in various kinds of high speed milling surface.

in order to avoid the numerical control processing center on the silhouette method to directly feed and return, spiral line, arc and slash way should be adopted in a knife, ensure smooth cutting, the surface with the finishing of the steep hills, steep hills to prevent the dramatic change of cutting load, CNC machining center used different methods to separate face steep hills and steep plane processing, can improve the cutting speed, and uniform roughness on the surface of the parts.

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