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Processes for the production of precision parts processing

by:Xavier      2020-07-08

precision parts processing is a complicated and rigorous process, is made up by each step by step process, so what's the point precision parts processing the production of concrete? Below by our to introduce for everybody:

machine is the production process from raw materials ( Or semi-finished products) All the process made products. For machines including transportation and storage of raw materials, production preparation, blank manufacturing, parts machining and heat treatment, product assembly and debugging, paint and packaging, etc. Modern enterprise with the content of the production process is very extensive, the principle and method of system engineering organization and guide the production, the production process as a production systems with input and output.

in the production process, every change in the production of objects, properties, such as shape, size, location, and make it a process called process of finished or semi-finished products. It is the main part of the production process. Process: casting, forging, stamping, welding, machining, assembly processes, such as machinery manufacturing process generally refers to the part machining process and machine of the sum of the assembly process, other process is known as the auxiliary process, such as transportation, storage, power supply, equipment maintenance, etc. Process is composed of one or several of order process, a process consists of several work step.

precision parts processing process is the basic unit of machining process. Process refers to the one ( Or a set) Workers, on a machine tools ( Or a working place) For the same artifacts ( Or at the same time a few artifacts) The continuous finish that part of the process. Constitute the main characteristics of a process is not changing processing objects, equipment and operator, and the content of the process is completed in a row.

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