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Precision processing of non-standard parts, you have to understand what is non-standard parts

by:Xavier      2020-07-14

we know precision machining according to the object can be divided into standard and non-standard parts processing, standard parts processing is relatively easy, and non-standard parts processing is relatively difficult to some, a lot of people do not distinguish between what is standard parts are standard parts, then let us to introduce what is called the non-standard parts:

first of all we know, is relative to the standard parts, non-standard parts so before understand non-standard parts we want to know what is called the standard parts. Standard refers to many aspects, such as structure, size, drawing, mark has been completely standardized, and the professional production of commonly used spare parts, like thread parts, rolling bearing and so on. Generalized including standard fasteners, connecting parts, transmission parts, seal, hydraulic components, pneumatic components, bearings, springs and other mechanical parts. Narrow sense only includes standard fasteners. Commonly known as the standard of domestic is short for standard fasteners, is a narrow concept, but can't rule out the existence of the generalized concept. In addition to industry standard parts, such as auto standard parts, mold standard parts, etc. , also belong to the general standard parts.

non-standard parts processing professionals in this paper, the main is not set strict standard, regulation, no related parameters controlled by the enterprise free other accessories. Non standard parts have many varieties, there is no very standardized classification. Roughly classified as follows:

metal non-standard:

provided by the customer drawings, manufacturers use equipment to produce the corresponding products according to drawing, usually die in the majority, the tolerance requirements, degree of finish is customized, not a certain pattern. Products from casting to finishing needs corresponding quality control completely, complex process and variability, and general cost is higher than the standard parts. Non-metallic non-standard


are some non-metallic materials processing. Such as plastic, wood, stone, etc. , in recent years, the injection molding industry, the development of plastic mold is diligence, surface design, CNC programming reference, non-standard processing cost and tolerance grade has a lot of ascension.

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