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Precision parts processing, the influence of temperature on the process

by:Xavier      2020-07-07

for our precision machinery parts processing industry, sufficient accuracy is often the most can intuitively reflect the processing capacity of the factory, we specialized in manufacturing of non-standard metal parts, our precision can reach 0. 01 mm, we know that temperature is a key factors to affect the machining accuracy, by us to introduce below:

in the actual machining process in all kinds of heat sources ( Friction heat, heat cutting, environment temperature, thermal radiation, etc. ) , under the action of machine tools, cutting tools, such as processed workpiece temperature change will produce thermal deformation, thus affect the relative displacement between the workpiece and cutting tool, cause processing error, will affect the machining accuracy of the parts. Such as the linear expansion coefficient of steel to 0. 2 microns. Temperature changes in addition to directly affect the scaling of the workpiece, also has effect on the accuracy of machine tool equipment.

in precision machining, the machining precision and accuracy of the workpiece stability put forward higher requirements. According to the statistics, in the precision machining, for the machining error caused by the thermal deformation of machining - 40% of total error And set the temperature change range of deviation, 20 ℃ & plusmn; 0. 1 ℃ and 20 & plusmn; 0. 01 ℃ constant temperature processing has emerged.

in general, for precision machining with constant temperature and humidity laboratory, in order to avoid being processed workpiece when machining and measuring swell-shrink due to temperature changes, general reference temperature, the indoor strictly and set the temperature range of deviation, and to the requirement of air relative humidity, there is no strict textile testing precision. As a national ultra-precision processing laboratory, request temperature is 20 ℃ & plusmn; 0. 2 ℃ and 45% relative humidity & plusmn; 5%.

in the future with the development of the society, the progress of technology, the temperature control precision parts processing process, will more and more developed!

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